Kaiju Preservation Society is a super fun quick read

I am huge fan of John Scalzi’s books, especially the Old Man’s War series so it was with delight and anticipation that I checked out his latest book Kaiju Preservation Society.

Scalzi was trying to write a more complex book but was hit by writer’s block during COVID until he turned his attention to this book which flowed out of him. The story takes place in a world where giant monsters known as kaiju roam the Earth in an alternate dimension, and humanity has figured out a way to preserve and protect them in designated areas. It’s a short, witty and funny (especially for anyone who ever worked in a tech startup) novella.

It does not have the depth and world building of John Scalzi’s other novels, but it’s so much fun that it does not need to. The characters in the story are well-drawn and likable, particularly protagonist Rob, who finds himself working for the titular Kaiju Preservation Society after a series of unfortunate events. The interactions between Rob and the kaiju are both humorous and touching, and the novella’s ending is both satisfying and thought-provoking.

Overall, Kaiju Preservation Society is a must-read for fans of Scalzi’s work and anyone who loves a fast paced good sci-fi story with heart.