Episode 34: Ask Me Anything

My apologies for the delay in summarizing the episode, but it’s been a very busy 9 months. Last December, I hosted a Ask Me Anything on Playing with Unicorns.

We covered:

  • The ideal DAO structure for venture investing [2:30]
  • Whether play to earn is a ponzi [3:11]
  • My most recommended book [5:03]
  • The problems with hardware investments [7:06]
  • My thoughts on Thrazio and FBA aggregators [9:04]
  • Will there be verticals of Thrazio? [11:03]
  • When to approach me and the best way to do it [11:40]
  • My thoughts on fractionalizing assets [12:35]
  • The possibility of me writing a book [14:28]
  • The best way to avoid negativity and unhappiness [16:42]
  • VC versus crowdfunding [20:21]
  • Debt funding [23:02]
  • FJ Labs’ EIR program plans for this year [23:30]
  • What to do and not to do for a team of French entrepreneurs raising a pre-seed in the US [27:18]
  • How soon do you think humans will be interplanetary? [29:05]
  • The existence of life outside of Earth in the universe [31:10]
  • My thoughts on the future of Europe and the EU [34:28]
  • My vision of the future of NFTs [39:29]
  • My thoughts on plant-based diet as a mega trend [43:32]
  • Returning to the “normal” way of living and working [46:50]
  • The rise of self-entrepreneurship and the passion economy [49:05]
  • The role of NFTs, its benefits in traditional media and content companies [51:25]
  • My perspective on universal basic income [53:34]
  • 3 things I would focus on if I was leading the US [56:12]
  • Investing in a drone-delivery company [58:20]
  • My thoughts on Central Bank Digital Currencies [58:56]
  • Viewpoint on the next paradigm shift for gaming [1:01:24]
  • How big NFTs will be [1:03:49]
  • The impact of the pandemic on online consumption [1:04:20]
  • The importance of UX/UI when building a startup [1:05:27]
  • Social tokens and decentralized identity [1:06:44]

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