Episode 39: Simpl and the Indian Fintech Ecosystem

On this week’s episode I had the pleasure of welcoming Nitya Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Simpl, to conclude our mini-series on the Indian tech scene. We had a fascinating conversation on the state of Indian Fintech, which in many ways is more advanced than the US. I am beyond impressed by the free C2C / B2B / B2C instantaneous real time payments allowed by UPI and the business models that emerge when you can do free microtransactions. I wish the West had the equivalent of India’s UPI (or Brazil’s Pix). I am also beyond impressed by what Nitya has built with Simpl, which I hope will be a Unicorn soon!

In this episode we cover:

  • Why Nitya returned to India after beginning his career in the US
  • The importance of cash on delivery in India
  • How Simpl’s underwriting works and their impressive scale
  • The magic of UPI
  • The extraordinary progress India has made in the last 15 years

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