I just finished watching Season 4 of Lost and I have to admit I am impressed. The show has rekindled its magic and has by far the most interesting storyline of any drama on TV currently.

The end of Season 4 is extremely interesting. WARNING: Do not read further if you have not seen Season 4 yet. I expected Ben to be in the coffin, not Locke. Jack really wants to go back to the island. It’s unclear why Sun is working with Charles Widmore. He’s just as responsible for Jin’s death as Ben is. She might be trying to set him up.

Here is my speculation for Season 5. As you may recall Ben tells Jack at the very end that they must all go back to the island together and Jack replies he does not know how that is possible as they no longer listen to him and he does not even know where most of them are. I predict that Ben will either kill Penny or have Sayid kill her – both fulfilling his promise to get revenge for the death of his daughter and uniting all of the Oceanic 6 and Desmond for the funeral – either to mourn or plot revenge. In either case, Desmond will become Ben’s (and potentially Sayid’s mortal enemy), a fight he will eventually lose as the pawns have a tendency of dying in the Charles Widmore / Ben Linus struggle.