Henry Blodget’s Slides on the Future of Digital: 2013 are a must read

I have had the privilege to see Henry do his “Mary Meeker” impersonation as he effectively flies through 200 slides in less than 1 hour and it’s very impressive. He is articulate, clear and to the point.

His new report on the current trends is fantastic. In brief:

  • Half the world is online
  • Smartphone penetration is increasing rapidly globally, especially in emerging markets
  • Android is the clear platform winner
  • People are consuming media and doing transactions on multiple screens with smartphones and tablets taking share away from PCs and the web
  • The rise of mobile is helping create new opportunities, but you should be “mobile, too” rather than “mobile only”
  • TV revenues have not been displaced yet, but may be next on the list as eyeballs move to other platforms
  • Wearable and the Internet of things are the next big thing

Read all the slides at: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-future-of-digital-2013-2013-11?op=1