Megamind is tons of fun!

This year’s slate of animated movies has been great with How to Train your Dragon and Toy Story 3. Megamind is a worthy addition to the genre. As far as superhero movie goes, it does not reach the soaring heights of The Incredibles but holds its own with its fun twist on the superhero genre by being written from the villain’s perspective.

It’s one of the few movies alongside How to Train your Dragon where I felt that the 3D really worked. I really had tons of fun. Will Ferrell, whom I am traditionally not very fond of, has a winning vocal performance and I hope he plays in many more animated movies in the future. I also loved Brad Pitt’s MetroMan going all “Joaquin Phoenix”. Even his beard reminded me of Joaquin Phoenix’s “rapper phase”. Overall, the movie is tons of fun, witty, smart and touching, all at the same time!

I have to admit, I have not seen Despicable Me yet which also seems to be written from the villain’s perspective. My review might not have been as glowing if I had seen that movie first as I might have felt that Megamind was a rehash. Then again, the stories are probably very different and knowing me, I am sure I will love both movies! I will definitely check out Despicable Me the second it comes out on DVD.

In the meantime, go see Megamind (preferably in 3D)!