Personal History by Katherine Graham is great

Her story as well as that of her parents and her husband deserves to be told. The book is the story of the business, political and intellectual elite in the 20th century America. It is also a vividly personal story of a person who went from being a student, to a housewife, to one of the most important figures in American business and politics.

While shy, inexperienced and unsure of herself, she fought bought back with a vengeance when cornered to fight for the life of her company, the Washington Post. She single-handedly and successfully fought the office of the president during some of this nation’s darkest hours. She later saved the company during a devastating 9 month pressmen’s strike by working day and night with 125 others to produce a paper that typically required 1,500 to operate.

Her father was one of America’s most successful businessmen, chairman of the Fed and first president of the World Bank. Her husband got Johnson the presidency. She was also one of Warren Buffett’s closest friends.