Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea is great: thrilling and informative at the same time

Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea manages a rare feat – it’s a non-fiction story that reads like a thriller! It documents both the story of the SS Central America on its journey from Panama to New York with a shipment of gold and passengers coming back from the Gold Rush, the boat’s demise, and the amazing story of Tommy Thompson’s modern day recovery efforts.

Tommy contradicts any stereotype one might have about treasure hunters. He is a scientist and uses a highly analytical approach to finding where the boat might lie. He personally built or oversaw the development of most of the technology for the recovery – building deep see equipment that no one thought could be possible. He also did his outmost to preserve as much of the history of the SS Central America as he could.

Any entrepreneur will recognize himself in Tommy as you hear the skepticism he encounters from “experts”, his difficulties in raising money, the ongoing competitive threat and legal challenges.
Read this book, it’s not only fun and informative; you might actually learn a thing or two about perseverance, passion and how to manage a startup.

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