The Garden of Betrayal is a thrilling read!

I had not come across a great fun thriller since The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons a few years ago. The Garden of Betrayal was a welcome surprise. I had read the review in The Economist and was intrigued.

Lee Vance, the author, is a former trader at Goldman Sachs. His insider’s perspective felt real and compelling. I was all the more engrossed as the material Mark Wallace, the protagonist, enters in possession of on Saudi oil reserves was very reminiscent of a Peak Oil article published by Clarium Capital that I had recently come across.

The multi-layered story with Mark’s investigation into the disappearance of his child, his family difficulties and the complicated geopolitical machinations all happening simultaneously had me engrossed and struggling to keep up. I got so into the story that I ended reading the book in one go on my Kindle, finishing it at 4:30 am this morning!

If you are up for a fun autumn read, definitely check this book out!