2 Days in Paris feels real and is tragically funny

I had the pleasure of attending the movie premiere of 2 Days in Paris at the Alliance Française last night where Julie Delpy presented her new movie. In many ways this movie felt like Before Sunset except that the two main characters have been in a relationship for two years. In this case, that’s a good thing – I loved Before Sunset’s dialogues and scenery. 2 Days in Paris matches that dialectic realism. The conversations feel real and seeing these two insecure, neurotic individuals go through their life and relationship is shockingly funny. The movie probably works better for bilingual viewers but should be entertaining for all.

Non-sequitur, based on the Q&A session Julie Delpy gave yesterday, she seems as neurotic as the character she plays 🙂

  • Julie Delpy….I know her.But,She is not so famous in Japan like Jean Reno.”Before Sunset” is good movie.