Apparently I am the top French business angel of 2016!

Challenges Classement

  • Hello Fabrice. I just read the post in tne NYT, and you seem like a very interesting thinker. Have you ever considered being an angel investor in social movements for justice and rights? I’ve been doing that work for 25 years and while exhausting, if you want to feel grounded and meaningful there is nothing more powerful than contributing to justice. I founded an organization 10 years ago and we work with several movements and organizations. If you are interested in adding a new layer to your already fascinating life, feel free to look us up and e-mail me at [email protected] That is no party like one when you are celebrating a victorry that changes the lives of thousands of people ….

  • Great article in the Times, if only it weren’t for the last comment about women. That was upsetting to read on many levels. Try dating women who are wealthy and successful in their own right. They wont be so focused on your cash and will be grateful for a man not threatened by their achievements.

  • Bravo,
    Je ne te connaissais pas et je t’ai découvert au One 2 One de Monaco il y a quelques semaines.