After the NY Times article, a number of you have reached out asking for the full list of items I live and travel with. It boils down to 50 items including the suitcase and backpack.

In the carry-on suitcase I travel with:

• 2 jeans
• 1 suit
• 1 pair of dress shoes
• 1 pair of tennis shoes
• 4 dress shirts
• 1 long sleeve t-shirt
• 2 short sleeve t-shirts
• 2 tennis shirts
• 1 bathing suit
• 1 pair of sports shorts
• 10 underwear
• 7 pairs of black socks
• 3 pairs of tennis socks
• 1 sweater
• 1 jacket
• 1 set of sweatpants and sweatshirt
• Toiletries (granted it’s “cheating” to call them 1 item, but it’s definitely a set of items)

In the backpack, I keep my:

• Notebook computer
• iPad
• Kindle
• iPhone
• Wallet
• Passport

I also travel with my tennis and/or padel racquet when not injured. I keep my kiting gear in a locker in Cabarete and ski gear in storage in New York.

There is a bit of variation depending on the season and replacements as things wear down, which they have a tendency to do rapidly given that I use them a lot. That said the list above is what I have been traveling with since December. It covered the dressed up award ceremony at FIAF, the New York winter, the beaches of Tulum and St. Barths and my day to day entrepreneur life around the world. I sometimes have a pair of gloves, scarf and hat to cope with the winters, but my main strategy to deal with the cold is to use layers and limit my time outside.

By rotating shirts daily and making sure they have different colors and patterns, you can give the impression of clothing diversity even though everything else you wear is essentially identical.

With the above I have also not checked luggage in 10 years. It saves an inordinately large amount of time. You can show up at the airport at the last minute, you never have to wait for luggage, and it never gets lost. I estimate I saved at least 30 minutes saved per flight over the last 10 years – and I typically fly once a week. The less things you have, the faster you move and the better chances you have to conquer the world and spend time with friends and family.
Your turn to live and travel light!
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