Great article on what happened to Yahoo

August 13, 2010   ·  < 1 minutes

Paul Graham just wrote another fantastic article, this time covering what happened to Yahoo. Read it at:


What Microsoft should do in search

July 12, 2010   ·  6 minutes

We can start by asking why Microsoft should be in search. Microsoft has two extremely successful businesses with … Continue reading “What Microsoft should do in search”


Twitter Skepticism

May 29, 2009   ·  < 1 minutes

I am skeptical about all the hype around Twitter. I like Twitter and find that it’s an effective … Continue reading “Twitter Skepticism”


This looks amazing!

April 8, 2009   ·  < 1 minutes

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.


The Future of Media

February 5, 2009   ·  2 minutes

I had the pleasure of being invited to a New Media dinner at Strauss Zelnick’s apartment in New … Continue reading “The Future of Media”


Change in angel investment strategy

November 24, 2008   ·  2 minutes

Over the past few years, my angel investing strategy has been to be very selectively aggressive. I would … Continue reading “Change in angel investment strategy”


Ten tips to ride the economic slowdown

October 24, 2008   ·  < 1 minutes

After all the dire warnings given by various VCs, here is a more positive list of recommendations sent … Continue reading “Ten tips to ride the economic slowdown”


What the financial crisis means to entrepreneurs

October 14, 2008   ·  3 minutes

Last March I explained why startups should raise as much money as possible to prepare for the upcoming … Continue reading “What the financial crisis means to entrepreneurs”


Banking Management: No time for half measures

September 30, 2008   ·  < 1 minutes

It annoys me to no end that even as banks have massively diluted their shareholders to raise capital, … Continue reading “Banking Management: No time for half measures”


Credit Default Swaps

September 19, 2008   ·  4 minutes

By Stacie Rabinowitz So I mentioned to Fabrice that I had been explaining credit default swaps to a … Continue reading “Credit Default Swaps”


I must be the only one a bit disappointed by GTA4

May 5, 2008   ·  < 1 minutes

Given the rave reviews I expected something a little better. The story of single player campaign is absolutely … Continue reading “I must be the only one a bit disappointed by GTA4”


What was Microsoft thinking?

May 2, 2008   ·  < 1 minutes

It’s odd to me that their opening bid was at $31 per share given that the stock was … Continue reading “What was Microsoft thinking?”


Allmydata 3.0: The Ultimate Online Storage Solution

April 17, 2008   ·  2 minutes

I have to admit Allmydata ( has had a rough time. The original team had difficulty executing on … Continue reading “Allmydata 3.0: The Ultimate Online Storage Solution”


Jira is a fantastic technical project management tool

March 27, 2008   ·  < 1 minutes

Nine months ago we moved all of OLX to Jira ( We are extremely satisfied with the product. … Continue reading “Jira is a fantastic technical project management tool”


The bright future of online advertising

March 26, 2008   ·  2 minutes

Despite my previous post on the gloomy outlook for startups for the next 12 months, I am more … Continue reading “The bright future of online advertising”

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