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Fabrice Grinda, 400x angel (Alibaba, Knotel, OpenDoor, Flexport) and many X co-founder of Aucland, Zingy, OLX and company-builder FJ Labs

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Forbes just named me the #1 angel investor in the world :)

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Silicon Cabarete MVP

Yahoo to acquire Brightroll for $640 million in cash!

One Step Closer To Streamlining the Car Buying and Selling Process

The used car buying and selling process is broken and we are going to fix it!


My first interview in Spanish!

Fantastic presentation on customer acquisition

The Case for Optimism

Video of my LeWeb Keynote: The Case for Optimism

Slides from my LeWeb Keynote: The Case for Optimism

LeWeb 2013 Interview of Arnaud Montebourg

Why we play Moneyball rather than Powerball

Delusional optimism can go a long way!


Absolute must read for all entrepreneurs!

How to launch your startup

Am I ambitious enough?

The class notes from Peter Thiel’s Stanford class are a must read for all entrepreneurs


Great inspirational video by Michael Marantz

Raising money from VCs is just like dating!

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Further evidence suggesting consumer Internet series A financings are more difficult to come by


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Is this the most honest interview ever?

If it's in the press it must be true :)

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Very detailed interview about the emerging markets Internet craze

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I just uploaded the Envoye Special video


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Fabrice Grinda, serial entrepreneur


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Angelgate is overblown!


Just Manic Enough: Seeking Perfect Entrepreneurs


What to do with your millions


Great article on the future of startup funding: Founders vs. Angels vs. VCs!


Great article on what happened to Yahoo


Google just acquired Lab Pixies, one of my portfolio companies!

French Entrepreneur Dinner


Three Cheers for Jason Calacanis!


My speech at TEDx Paris (in English)


Malcolm Gladwell is wrong!


Why entrepreneurs should never retire!


My speech at TEDx Paris on the love of entrepreneurship


College Will Kill Your Entrepreneurial Spirit While Simultaneously Turning You into a Worker Bee


The New York Internet community is thriving!


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French Entrepreneur Dinner


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Graduating from College: Starting your own business or joining an established company?


Interview on Small Businesses for the Washington Post

How it all began…


How did you raise your very first round of financing?


Jira is a fantastic technical project management tool


Why the startup market is like the real estate market


Cityvox, my learnings as an angel investor and the power of grit and tenacity


Another way to raise money from VCs :)


While on the topic of startup valuations…


Startup Valuations


Startup Kit / Startup 101: Select Articles for First Time Entrepreneurs to Read


Why Early Stage Venture Investments Fail


Alan Patricof, Microcredit, Trickle Up and Equity Investments in Developing Countries


The pitfalls of marrying an entrepreneur


Internet: we are still at the beginning!


Zero to $1 billion


Entrepreneurship matchup: France versus Afghanistan


The nature of entrepreneurship: randomness, trial and error, and how intelligence can get in the way


Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea is great: thrilling and informative at the same time


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Inside Facebook is a fun, quick read that allows you to experience the startup spirit!


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The past, present and future of French Internet entrepreneurship!


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And then there were 8 business selection criteria!


Hypomanics to the rescue :)


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