The latest trend in marketplaces

I am attaching the slides I prepared as support for my Noah Keynote: Marketplaces: The Party is not Over! It presents our current evaluation criteria and investment thesis as well as the latest trends in food, real estate, cars, jobs, home services, and lending marketplaces.

  • Great value! True that b2b is usually a better equation for revenue consistency. And interesting to see the verticality enabled by disruption !
    Thank you for sharing

  • Can you please share the name of the company mentioned when discussin “verticalization to horizontals” next to Upwork? Is it Comet? Connet? I am sorry, I don’t understand the logo. Thank you so much!

  • Fabrice gracias por compartir! Es interesante lo que muestras: tendencias, interar, pivotar, recomendaciones. Sin embargo, ver tantos mercados juntos me detuvo a pensar en sus historias y fundadores. Tantas experiencias y trabajo de construcción diferentes. Es una locura! Si sabes dónde conocer algunas te agradeceré. Saludos!

  • Congratulations and Kudos in Jose success in Brazil.
    Nowadays I am #NotProud but there is a Unique potential in my home land.

  • Thank you fabrice ( Aladdin) this is really the key success.its setp by step include examples but some time hard for small startup business to keep going without enough fund …. any way this great presentation as usual… thank you again