Asset Light Living

June 26, 2015    ·    2 min read

After the NY Times article, a number of you have reached out asking for the full list of … Continue reading “Asset Light Living”


Update on The Very Big Downgrade

October 6, 2014    ·  9 minutes

When people successfully sell their company, they typically acquire stuff.  Instead I gave up my house, apartment and … Continue reading “Update on The Very Big Downgrade”


The Very Big Downgrade

December 27, 2012    ·  7 minutes

I decided to radically simplify my life and divide my living expenses by 10! I just returned my … Continue reading “The Very Big Downgrade”


The Big Downgrade

December 2, 2010    ·  10 minutes

No, no, Apple’s stock has not been downgraded yet! I am referring to the fact that I divided … Continue reading “The Big Downgrade”

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