Winter is coming!

November 18, 2022    ·    10 min read

I have been putting a lot of thought into macro considerations of late. There are time periods when … Continue reading “Winter is coming!”


The Great Unknown

March 11, 2022    ·  13 minutes

A year ago, in Welcome to the Everything Bubble, I argued that an unprecedented combination of loose monetary … Continue reading “The Great Unknown”


Welcome to the Everything Bubble!

February 9, 2021    ·  8 minutes

The warning signs of market mania are everywhere. P/E ratios are high and climbing. Bitcoin rose 300% in … Continue reading “Welcome to the Everything Bubble!”


The Economy: An Optimistic Thought Experiment

July 13, 2012    ·  38 minutes

Over the past few years the economist in me has been profoundly pessimistic about the short and medium … Continue reading “The Economy: An Optimistic Thought Experiment”

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