Cloverfield is highly entertaining!

January 23, 2008     ·      1 min read     · 

The movie is very well done. It lulls you into a false sense of security in the first few minutes of the movie as it covers the life of the protagonists to the point you almost forget you are in a monster movie. However, once the action starts, it is relentless.

My only complaint is that they move the camera way too much – I was starting to get motion sickness at a few points! Note to directors: We get that it’s a handheld camera, no need to shake the camera that much – all modern cameras have good image stabilization and people are getting used to shooting with them. Even my friend’s home movies don’t shake that much when they are running around!

Overall, I really liked the “Blair Witch meets Godzilla” feel. It actually feels real – all the more so as they don’t “manufacture” an unrealistic ending as they do in “I am Legend”.

Go see it!

Non sequitur: Beth (Odette Yustman) is really hot and I love her apartment!

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