Crazy, Stupid, Love is Genuine, Funny, Heartfelt!

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a fun, romantic comedy for adults. It’s unabashedly sweet, yet effectively deals with matters of the heart: from lost passion and romance for a married couple (Steve Carell & Julianne Moore), to unrequited love by Steve’s son, and to the games and antics of modern day dating, personified by a womanizer played by Ryan Gosling.

Interestingly enough, the whole movie is really about honesty and integrity. I loved the dedication of both Steve Carell and his son to getting their soul-mates and the patience both are willing to have if it is not what the women want. Marisa Tomei’s being so turned on by a man’s honesty was a sad yet true comment on today’s dating world where people need to cut through all the games and false portrayals used to get people into bed. In a way it’s not a surprise that Ryan Gosling, the “player,” falls in love when a girl is finally honest with him and vice versa. (She (Emma Stone) is also the only girl the audience sees who originally rejects his advances.)

As a slight non sequitur, Steve’s son played by Jonah Bobo is both incredibly cute and profound as an 8th grader in love with his babysitter (who of course is, in turn, in love with Steve Carell).

This movie does not quite soar to the heights of a movie like As Good as it Gets: it’s a bit disjointed, has too many side plots and the Emma Stone / Ryan Gosling relationship is not developed enough, but it’s a whimsical, touching and highly enjoyable romantic comedy.

Go see it!

  • Hey Fabrice,

    Whats with all the romantic comedies and no reviews of Planet or the Apes or X-Men first class !! I thought you were a sci-fi fan !!