Dating Pools

  • Does it put me at the edge of the bell curve if I point out there is an implicit assumption about consistency of quality? Most biological theories (and in fact most of the women I know in NY) assume that the good ones are self-selecting themselves away early . . .

  • It’s easier when you’re the male and can find some 23-year old who hasn’t been snatched up yet. Your bell curve is actually lognormal. (And yes, I do know women who are dating younger men, but it’s much rarer)

  • Except that we shallow males will restrict ourselves to our age and lower. You can always catch a man on his second marriage after his first wife gets fat or dumps him because he goes bald 🙂

  • Not that I mind, I can’t wait to meet the 23 year old super smart, adventurous, gorgeous Harvard valedictorian who works at McKinsey wants to conquer the world and has a crush on tall dog loving French entrepreneurs 🙂

  • so that list excludes super female tennis players such as Maria Sharapova etc ..

  • Chances are that I would not find her smart enough, but for her I would be open minded and willing to go on a few dates to attempt to invalidate that assertion 🙂