Do not watch The Book of Eli!

I had intended to go watch Avatar 3D in Imax, Up in the Air or Fantastic Mr. Fox, but all three were sold out despite having been out for weeks. I opted instead to watch The Book of Eli which still had openings on opening night. I should have taken that as a sign!

I have extremely eclectic tastes and rarely write negative movie reviews, but in this case I had to. I had actually read favorable reviews of the movie with interesting comparisons to The Road Warrior. However, I hated this movie. It’s self indulgent, bleak and painfully slow. I just could not help feeling that it had all been done before in a much more entertaining form!

Avoid it at all costs. It makes Daybreakers which is an ok B movie with an interesting premise and a good first hour look like a multiple Oscar contender!

  • I did not think highly of Daybreakers. It’s a mediocre movie – it just does a passable job at being what it’s supposed to be: a B movie. It’s just that The Book of Eli makes even a mediocre movie look like a masterpiece!

    I would recommend most people to skip Daybreakers as well. Up in the Air, Avatar, Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Hurt Locker are seemingly significantly better!

  • Hi Fabrice

    It is funny to have your review about this movie today as I have just watched a trailer of it from yahoo!France a few hours ago.
    You confirmed what I felt myself from the trailer, this movie seems very boring.
    Now I am sure I will avoid it.

  • Nothing much to London last nite had a glimpse of it but ooops its should be voted the most boring ever….thanks fab

  • Hello, Fabrice! I never write negative reviews neither but the same happened to me with Avatar. I thought it was one of the most overrated movies of all time!

    I wrote a post on my blog about that and it’s funny how 50% of the people LOVE it and the other half HATE it. There is no middle ground…

    I take note about The book of Eli. You lower your expectations on Avatar… 🙂

  • I definitely agree that lower expectations are a recipe for enjoying movies more. I will keep my expectations in check for Avatar.