Eat People makes great points but ultimately falls short

I loved How We Got Here, Andy Kessler’s last book. That book was essentially the entrepreneurship and capitalist equivalent of Bill Bryson’s A Short Story of Nearly Everything. I was really looking forward to reading Eat People: And Other Unapologetic Rules for Game-Changing Entrepreneurs.

The book is essentially a cross between my 9 business selection criteria and an entrepreneurship and capitalist manifesto. Unfortunately the book is too preachy and angry to make the point that wealth creation comes from entrepreneurship and innovation very effectively. In many ways it falls prey to the same errors the zero sum anti-growth camp it tries to criticize.

It’s all the more sad as it is a topic that has to be covered and a book that has to be written. I am looking forward to someone writing the definite capitalist wealth creation manifesto!

    • I love writing (hence the blog) and there are lots of books I would love to write – including this one. Unfortunately I really don’t have the time. I even considered getting a phd in economics to take the time to write this book, but I just can’t justify the opportunity cost at this point.