Episode 12: Pandemic, Populism and Policy Failure – The Surprising Case for Optimism in 2020

Given the omnipresent doom and gloom of 2020, I took the time to reflect objectively on where things stand and where the world is heading. My deep dive across so many industries and technologies left me inspired and awe struck by the opportunities open to us. We will address the two fundamental issues of our time: climate change and social injustice / inequality of opportunity.

In turn I cover that:

  • We are constantly bombarded by doom and gloom
  • During the past 200 years we have seen lots of progress in the human condition
  • Lots of issues remain in terms of social injustice and inequality of opportunity with consequences permeating through every sector: education, health care, cost of living, real estate, income disparities, decreased mobility, access to capital etc.
  • Climate change is becoming an existential threat
  • The political system is incapable of dealing with these issues which has led to the rise of populists
  • Technology and entrepreneurs can and must solve these issues
  • With regards to climate change, the ever-decreasing cost of solar and improvements in storage will help us transition to carbon free energy emission sooner than most people realize even if we do not get fusion (and we may see a breakthrough in fusion as well)
  • We are seeing a clear trend towards electrifying transportation and radical innovation in manufacturing and food production which will make the economy carbon free by 2100 and perhaps as early as 2050
  • Carbon removal technologies are also emerging
  • Once we get to a world of free marginal cost of energy lots of other wonderful things happen
  • Startups, especially marketplaces, are emerging to address many societal ills seeing bad user experiences, discrimination, and high costs as an opportunity
  • Amazing companies are emerging to democratize housing, finance, and education
  • A combination of dark kitchens, robotization, autonomy and density will revolutionize food ordering and delivery providing high-quality low-cost food to all making it cheaper than making it on your own
  • Healthcare and public services are finally moving online with better user experiences
  • We are still at the beginning of the technology revolution and are making great strides in everything from nanosatellites, robots, 3D printing, augmented reality, mind reading, self-driving, drones and much more
  • We will tackle the challenges of our time and build a better world of tomorrow, a world of equality of opportunity and of plenty that is ethically conscious and sustainable

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