Episode 37: Building India’s 76th Unicorn & the Indian car market at large

After a long hiatus to take care of my ailing dad, who is fortunately fully recovered, I am back! For this episode and the next two, I am focusing on the Indian tech scene which has really come into its own in the last few years. In this week’s episode, it’s my pleasure to chat with Niraj Singh, founder and CEO of Spinny, the leading used car retailing platform in India and a unicorn in its own right.

Key takeaways

In this episode, we cover:

  • Niraj’s path to creating Spinny, including creating two much less successful startups right out of college
  • The differences between the US & Indian car markets
  • Spinny’s unique solution to the market considering the specifics of the market
  • Spinny’s ambitions on a go forward basis
  • The impact, if any, of the massive global multiple compression in comps like Carvana and Cazoo
  • The state of Indian tech market

You can listen to the full episode in the embedded podcast player.

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My apologies if I don’t have the same usual pep and spunk on this video as I usually do, but I was really sick with COVID when I did the interview. Thanks to Niraj for joining and putting up with me!

  • Very good conversation. For me it was interesting the point of asymmetric information. And the importance of having clear idea and keep it for the long therm.

  • Very intersting learning more about Indian car market! I wonder if Spinny will ever begin selling service repair contacts at purchase…