Fantastic Startup Launch Video

I have not seen the deck or met the entrepreneur. I have no idea what the gross margins are and how big this can get, but the launch video is brilliant!

Clear, simple and funny!

  • Bien vu Fabrice! Merci. Definitely brilliant indeed! In ALL aspects. Writing, directing, acting, editing and production. This should win many awards and become a landmark. I loved “Your handsome ass grandfather had ONE blade! And polio.”

  • “If Dubin only keeps his current pace (which will likely increase as word spreads), he’ll have nearly one million subscribers at the end of his first year. Assuming $5 per month as an average, this Santa Monica-based entrepreneur will have a $60 million business in 12 months. In an old-school, mature, commodity business. With no marketing budget. No salespeople, distributors, retail stores, trade promotion, supermodels, or TV commercials.” by Josh Linkner. VC, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer.

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    All the best!

    Fab, greetings from Italy.