Fantastic fireside chat with Loic Lemeur at LeWeb

I loved this year’s LeWeb. I met many great entrepreneurs and was truly impressed by the organization and the quality of the participants.

Loic Lemeur, LeWeb’s founder, generously invited me to chat about OLX and entrepreneurship. We had a lot of fun!

  • wow, 10MM run rate , impressive. Would you say it is because eCPMs have gone up as you focused on higher value areas or just because of the increase in sheer volumes of impressions ?

    Anyhow, excellent interview !!

  • Mike:

    Our eCPM is high because people coming to a classified site are looking for something so the CTR is high. Combine that with the high value of the categories – real estate, vehicles, merchandis sale and jobs – which lead to a high CPC and we get a reasonably high eCPM. The high traffic does not hurt either 🙂

  • yes you mentioned about the high CTR, but previously you mentioned that eCPMs US were great but around the globe were not so good, so I wanted to ask whether globally you were seeing higher ecpms now or has the sheer volume of global impressions just increased your run rate?

  • Our eCPMs are still much lower in developing world than in the US. However, I do expect them to converge over time (the next 5-15 years) as GDP / capita increases in those countries, as marketing as a % of GDP increases and as online marketing increases as a % of overall marketing.

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  • thanks for posting this… the video was utterly fascinating. Really great info.

    Thanks and Regards/-
    Jason Webb