Fly Silverjet to London

Silverjet is a new all business airline flying between New York and London and competing with Eos, MAXjet and the business class offerings of British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines. I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Silverjet at one of David Larkin’s famed Internet parties in New York. Intrigued by the travel experience he promised, I decided to try them out on my current business trip to Europe.

Silverjet flies from Newark to Luton. The train ride from Penn Station to Newark International Airport takes about 30 minutes. You can check in at Silverjet as little as 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. The lounge offers free WIFI, sandwiches, snacks and drinks.

Silverjet flies a modified Boeing 757 with 100 business class seats. The seats are 6’3” and can become fully flat, though slightly inclined upwards. Every seat has a standard power plug. Entertainment comes in the form of personal video players that they distribute. The staff is by far the friendliest and most helpful I have met in any airline!

The arrival was a pleasant experience. Luton is not congested. Going through customs was a breeze. The Silverjet lounge on arrival had breakfast and free WIFI. The train ride into London takes 40 minutes.

Best of all, the price is $1,000 each way! My only small gripe is that the seat is not as comfortable as the best in class seats. Also, a 6’3” seat is not that big when you are 6’2”, especially if you sleep on your stomach. That said, I did sleep well and arrived rested, and at that price I can’t complain especially given the overall quality of the experience!

The traditional carriers definitely have to worry. Given the convenient check in time, the free WIFI, the power outlet in the seat and the price, I never see myself flying a traditional carrier on the New York – London route.

Conclusion: Fly Silver Jet to London. The quality is great, the service is amazing and the price unbeatable.

  • Nicolas: L’Avion does not have flat beds…

    As for what I am up to in London – I was participating in the European Founder’s Forum. I am also speaking at an event in late June. In the meantime, I will attend my dad’s birthday in Nice and do some business around Europe…