Google is now worth over $190 billion!

Google is officially more valuable than FedEx, McDonalds, Coke, Intel, IBM, and Wal-Mart, among others…

  • For me your comment suggests how impractical it is to think that they can remain at such valuations. However its a condition that I would guess will remain until their growth rates subside. Any feeling here in this regard? I would use Amazon dot com as an example but their stock has managed to recover its P/E ratio! Sh@t…that screws that argument! Ok then what are they factoring in? The blue sky possibilities?

  • Fred,

    Actually, I think AMZN is undervalued. is an extremely well-run company, and the critical mass it established for its core offering (web sales) has remained quite loyal over time. Amazon is also positioned to beat Google in spaces that are central to the evolving web (some examples: Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Mechanical Turk, Alexa). In fact, the only significant market Amazon has neglected is online advertising– and who knows, they may just buy AdBrite one day. Shares are trading at 95.3 right now, and I’d give it a Market Outperform rating.