Great article on OLX on Techcrunch

  • Fabrice,

    Nice to hear you are doing well and still having fun doing it. I will be mostly in ShangHai, HongKong, Singapore and Taipei working on my new venture (taking your advice you gave me in your NYC office). Please let me know if you are heading this way. Keep on rocking!

  • Ouch fabrice, these techcrunch readers have nothing better to do than bash any new company. Great job in handling those comments !!!

    p.s. what happened to the movie reviews, no wolverine, Star Trek…come on??

  • Honestly I thought you got knocked off on round 1 with all the comments the readers made: I think after looking at olx that you never got what te “Craig” culture is really all about, and that your website is set to hit rock bottom in the next few years…

  • I have two questions: Alec said OLX is top 3 (sometimes #1) in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Russia, Mexico and five other smaller countries. and OLX is growing quickly in many other coutries. Where did you get this information?
    I did my searched and I found:
    18->Portugal :: 58->Brazil :: 70->Mexico :: Spain->189
    Actually, I think all this position it’s pretty good for a business has less than 5 years however far away from top 5.
    And the other question you said the OLX have 80 million unique visitors and Fabrice said 50+ million unique vistors. Why both have very different numbers? It’s commom sense to grow up from 50 million to 80 million you need a lot of hard working and good luck like Fabrice said.
    P.S. I’m not criticize! I just want you clarify these informations to me. I am IT student I’m very interested about online classifieds.