I just bought a Dell XPS 420 with a 512Mb Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT, a 3.0 Ghz Core 2 Duo and 3Gb of DDR2 SDRAM at 800Mhz for $1,249 and it’s a phenomenal machine for the price. I hooked it up to my Dell 24” widescreen monitor and Company of Heroes runs flawlessly in 1920*1200 in full high resolution mode.

Highly recommended for price sensitive gamers everywhere!

  • Not sure it’s a good deal. I bought mine on ebay for $1700 with a quad core, 6 GO RAM (need 64 bit os), 8800 GTX 768Mo, 10.000 RPM Hard Drive… But no keyboard or mouse 😉

  • Fabrice,

    You never talk much about virtual worlds, MMOG’s, second life, etc. Would love to hear your opinions on it.

  • World of Warcraft is a phenomenal business. Not only do people pay $50 to buy the game, they have 10 million people paying $10 a month or so. Vivendi was able to buy Activision on Blizzard’s strength.

    However, gaming is not a great business for startups – it’s too hit or miss and development costs are high. As a gamer, I don’t have the time for MMOGs – I much prefer real time strategy games. Each game is self contained and lasts less than 2 hours (usually less than 1 hour) – but that’s just a personal taste. For fun, I also like shooters like Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox once in a while.

    Regarding Second Life, I don’t “get it” – there seems very little point. On World of Warcraft even though you end up socializing, you have the joint adventure and mission to form a unifying theme and bond and that’s a much more compelling experience.

  • That is not to say, that Second Life should not exist – many people love playing someone else and living alternate lives – as can be seen from the multitude of imaginary profiles on MySpace – I bet it’s just a smaller market.

  • Sorry Fabrice but cannot help to wonder what is it that you play with it!.

    My bet is SimCity or some kind of Tycoon type of game ;). Strategy like Command and Conquer or Age of Empires would be my second guess 😉

    Great PC by the way and price seems about right.

  • I have fond memories of Dune and Dune 2!

    Not too much time to play here as of late (9 months old baby in the house) so I cannot dive into the games I like the most (Warcraft III, Age of Empires and Rise of Nations). However when I have some minutes off the clock I fire up my shooters (Call of Duty 2 and lately Call of Duty 4) as those require far less time than a typical Rise Nations or Warcraft game.

    I am eagerly waiting for Call of Duty 4 for Mac to be released (May) so I can seize some airport downtime with the Macbook Pro ;).

    As long as Second Life goes I share your thoughts. Besides… I already have too many things I’d like to accomplish on this life, imagine if I have another ;).

  • Jose,

    As you can suspect I love the “Conquer the World” type games. As I also love action, RTS games are my favorite. My all time favorties have been Dune 2, Warcraft 2, Command and Conquer and Rise of Nations.

    These days I am playing Company of Heroes and Sins of a Solar Empire. I am eagerly awaiting Starcraft 2 and hopefully one day Age of Empires IV or Rise of Nations 2…

  • I play Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox 360. It’s awesome!!!! I am much less good at shooters though, but they are great for 30 minutes of fun! I am NikeAugustus on Xbox live and just turned level 48 at COD4.