Fantastic interview about what may very well be my next car!

I had the pleasure of meeting both Ron Dennis and Frank Stephenson at the McLaren factory outside of London in August. When they spoke about their design and assembly philosophy, I was struck by how much they sounded like Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive at Apple.

Watch Frank’s fascinating interview about the design philosophy behind the McLaren MP4-12C Spider which I might buy to replace my existing “regular” MP4-12C.

  • Tall people like me actually fit in it! They finally made a supercar for the underserved tall guy market. I suppose most guys who buy these types of cars are short and need to compensate for that. I just love driving the car 🙂

  • Come on Fabrice… COME ON!!!!!!!!! You have the CASH… MP4-12C is performant but for the SAKE of design and beauty, please drive an Aventador, CL 65 AMG or Continental GT SUPERSPORT…. I’m pretty sure they fit your size (I would bet a million had I had it 😉

  • So fabrice, no desire for the 458 spider? How do you think the mclaren will hold up in the depreciation side, rumor is that even user 458’s are going at almost MSRP with the long wait list they have? Did you find the mclaren to have any service related issues that typically come with a supercar?

    • Vipul: So far it has not had any issues and I put a few thousand miles on it already. It’s really well built and comfortable enough to use every day.

      I have to admit, I have not idea how the price will hold up. I guess we’ll know soon as I put my coupe on sale to buy the Spider…

      With regards to the 458 – I drove both and the 458 is a more fun car to drive, much louder with its atmospheric engine. However, I found the McLaren more sophisticated and much easier to drive. I feel like a much better (and safer) driver in the McLaren.