Greenlights is shockingly interesting and insightful!

When several of my friends recommended Greenlights to me, I must admit that I was very skeptical. What could Matthew McConaughey, an actor best known for cheesy romantic comedies, possibly have to say that is interesting and compelling? It tuns that the answer is quite a lot!

The book is a treatise on the art of living masquerading as an autobiography. It’s raw, authentic, fun, funny, and heartfelt. It’s joyful and full of love for life! I am not well versed in the origin or life stories of other Hollywood actors, but this one really surprised me. From the modest origins to the choices made along the way and lessons learned, nothing about his life is what I would have expected.

Beyond the fascinating journey and life story, the greenlights philosophy of pursuing your passion, taking opportunities that present themselves, and going with the flow really resonated. It’s eerily similar to the way I lead my life and make important decisions. Do not compromise on leading a balanced, happy, passionate and purposeful life! I can only hope that my eventual treatise on how to lead an epic life be as well written and received as this one.

Read it, or even better listen to Mathew McConaughey narrate the audiobook. You won’t be disappointed!


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