Haunting suspense in Let Me In

Let me in is the best vampire movie I ever saw alongside Interview with a Vampire. There is no sexy, brooding vampire in this movie. The movie is very dark and sad for all the characters – from Abby’s constant need for blood, to Owen’s harassment by cruel bullies, to his mother’s ignorance and alcoholism, to the fate of Abby’s caretaker, there is seemingly no hope in the movie, especially as it sees itself as a fantastic modern day retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

Despite (or maybe because of the tragic element), the movie is fantastic. It is truly anchored by the relationship between Abby and Owen which is completely believable. The movie works on all levels – a love story, a vampire horror movie, a coming of age story and a suspenseful drama. Chloe Moretz’s performance as Abby is amazing and she ends up living up to the high expectations she set for herself after playing Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass.

See it!