I guess this means no Ferrari for me :)

William, my best friend and VP of Marketing at OLX, is in the market for a used Ferrari 360 Spider. As a good friend, I decided to help him through the ordeal of car shopping by tagging along to the Ferrari dealer 🙂

The new Ferrari 458 Italia is so gorgeous I considered letting myself be tempted. After many attempts by the desperate dealer to get me to fit into it (and every other Ferrari in the showroom), we came to a definite conclusion: Ferraris are not made for tall people! And at 6’3” I am not even that tall!

Look at the photos below William took of me in a 360 Spider. My head was sticking out so much it was actually hilarious 🙂

  • Fabrice…..mon ami…..you are not a Ferrari guy…..just three letters for you………DBS……..ok well maybe the DBS Volante if you want to really have fun… 🙂

  • Are you an investor in fisker, I see it in your portfolio companies…..when are they releasing the first model?

  • I am an investor in Fisker. The first few Karmas should be delivered this December (so they can say they sold cars in 2010 😉

    If you order one now, you will get it next summer.

    The Karma S is due 2 or 3 years from now.

  • Porsche re-deemed themselves with the 997. A 911 GT3-RS is pretty nasty, and at 6-3 you will fit just fine