Summer Book Recommendations

I received numerous requests for book recommendations in the last few weeks. The rise in the mercury clearly correlates with an increase in reading under umbrellas on the beach.

Here are a few books I really enjoyed over the last few years. Note that my tastes are far ranging and eclectic and cover everything from sci-fi soap operas to behavioral economics.

Beach Reads and Page Turners


Forbes just named me the #1 angel investor in the world :)

They counted publicly recorded investments and exits to make their ranking. Admittedly they are not
the best metrics. Number of investments only shows how prolific I am, not how good an investor I am.
Likewise many of those exits might be unsuccessful. That said, actual performance is hard to figure out
from Crunchbase and Angelist data, so this is a reasonable proxy. Besides if you are an entrepreneur
looking for money, you probably want to approach a prolific investor 🙂

This is giving me an incentive to keep my Crunchbase and Angelist profiles up to date because the data
they have is completely out of date. I have now made around 400 investments, with 150 exits. Of those
150 exits, I made money on around half and my realized IRR (on actual cash on cash exits) is 67%
(including all the investments on which I lost money).

It’s good to be the king! Now if only my ego and I could still fit in the same room 🙂

You can read the article at: