In praise of The Economist

In a world overrun by political correctness and where random local events pass as news for most people, it’s refreshing to read such an opiniated, analytical magazine covering world events.

Economist readers are easily recognized as they often talk about events happening in Eritrea, Uganda and other locales largely ignored by the traditional press. It’s actually somewhat amusing to see two people talking about a topic for which their only source material was the same magazine 🙂

I suppose I appreciate having a week to take a step back to analyze current world events. The quality seems to have slipped a bit in the past few years, but it remains by far the best magazine to read. If you can only read one magazine per week, this is it!

(If you are curious, I read The Economist, New Scientist, Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, Time, Entertainment Weekly, Premiere, PC Magazine,,,, and

  • Agreed, however there is way too many articles, one can not keep up with all the material from week to week

  • It’s a great magazine with the courage to put inconvenient truths on the cover page. At least it doesn’t just throw the ball and then retract the hand in the next edition like some other magazines, newspapers and televisions do (scared to be considered anti-patriotic).

    I do remember a couple of cover pages related to the “no more” Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, which forced the Italian ex-government to publicly intervene.

    That was the first major wake up call not only for the Italians but for the entire European Parliament concerning the danger of having one of the founder countries under the control of that kind of administration.