Introducing New York’s First Padel Court!

Padel is a racquet sport played extensively in Spain and Argentina. I have been obsessed with the sport ever since I was first exposed to it as a kid. It’s easier to pick up than tennis and the points are spectacular. In many ways over the past few years the main reason I would go home to Nice on vacation was just to play with my family and friends.

As I mentioned a few years ago, I always wanted to play in New York, and knew there were enough Argentine, Spanish and French practitioners to organize games, but there were no courts. I am happy to report that New York is now complete! I decided to take matters in my own hand and built a padel court at my house in Bedford just outside of the city.

Reach out to me if you want to play whether you are an old hand at padel or a good tennis or squash player looking for something new!

As you can see below, the court is ready for some action!

In the meantime enjoy this video of some great padel points.

  • Ca se joue comme au tennis en jeux et sets de 6 jeux. Les lignes servent que pour le service. Si la balle tape le mur directement elle est dehors. On a le droit de laisser rebondir la balle par terre puis sur le mur puis de la prendre…

  • Fabrice – there are a whole crew of paddle tennis players (and tennis players) over in New Canaan that have been passing around these padel videos for years. If you are looking for players – I think we could fill the court consistently. Let us know.

  • As Harry stated,a bunch of us in New Canaan are fanatic paddle/tennis players- lots of ex college players who would enjoy participating in this sport. Let us know…I recd your name from my brother Tom.

  • Fabrice I have just opened 2 courts in British Columbia Canada. We are hosting the Tri Nations August 2012 with both team and open divisions.
    We would love to see some of your players come visit. There will be Team, open,seniors(+50) a,b,and c divisions. pls reply with contact info and I will send you out some info.
    Congrats on your courts and supporting North Americas most exciting and newest sport.

  • Hi Fabrice
    I discovered it this summer in Barcelona and really enjoyed it from the first balls, being a tennis and squash player. I have been willing to play again since then, but did not have a chance in Paris.
    I have relocated to Philadelphia a month ago and have now tried American Paddle which I agree is not as fun.
    If you decided to organise a tournament on a week-end day, I would definitely drive to NY and join you.

  • Hi Fabrice ,im a spanish padel player and coach , living south of Spain. I,ve been two time in N.Y, but i diden,t know that there existed padel. I,m thinking visit again N.Y,i would like to know if you have decided organise tournaments for this year, even if you are interested in organise a basic introduction padel course to promotion the padel we can talk about that . My mail is [email protected] Thanks.

  • My father is from Argentina, so I play every time that I visit. I love the game! I will be moving to NY for law school in August. I would definitely love to play then. You can reach me at [email protected]

  • So what’s the update with regards to the development of pádel in NY? Fernando Poggi is planning to visit and hopes to play … but, where? Do you have any updates published anywhere with how pádel is developing as a sport in NY and throughout the USA?

    I play pádel and have participated in two tournaments, “3ª category mixto” (the weakest of the 3 categories). My partner and I won (Campeon) in one and took “Subcampeon Consolacion” in the other. Not bad. Certainly a lot of fun.

    Please send some news? Thanks in advance. Let’s stay in touch. [email protected] or through Facebook, as you wish.

    Emme Singer

  • At the start of a wave, most likely. Your court is exquisite. Lovely photograph. I hope you and Fernando get in contact, then. I took the liberty of sending him your blog links on the topic. … But I have no idea how his English-speaking level is, come to think of it. … Perhaps you could send an invite, directly, through his facebook channel. It’s up to you. Might be pretty nice to have the world champion play a few games there, eh?

    Is this your blog: ? The last posting I see is dated 2006. Is there any blogsite that you’re aware of (including your own) that is tracking the sports’ development there in the US?

    The UK and Spanish Federations just signed an agreement to work together to PR-push the growth of the sport in the UK. It’s just a matter of time. (You’re an entrepreneur and investor, what’s it gonna take? 😉

  • Hi Fabrice,
    I am sooo glad to hear that you have a padelcourt because I live between Spain and New York and I the only thing I miss when I go to NY is padel. Imagine when I am in Spain I play at least three times a week!!
    My partner owns a padelclub in Spain and we are thinking on opening one in NYC.
    We are going to the city in a few days and would love to meet you.
    Maybe you can help us with some questions we have about the courts and permitions.
    Check our website
    We really think USA will love padel.

  • Hi, I´m moving to New York this summer and I´m very interesting about playing padel there.
    How can we meet you to play some matches?

  • HI !!!!
    How do you do?

    Finally I arrive to NY on the 26th and I will stay there for two months so for sure we can deal some matches and have fun.

    where is the courtt placed, because I won´´t be a t NY City?


  • Hiii,

    I’m a spanish man who play padel very often in Spain. I’m going to be in NY in august and september, and it would be great if we could play.

  • great initiative,
    in spain is de second sport.
    I hope there are many players soon in NY.
    when you shall pass to visit you
    if you need something you can count on me about padel tennis (courts, rackets, etc)

  • Hi everybody.
    We continue working on brining Padel to the City.
    Follow us on Facebook as Padel New York and our blog
    with the latest news about this project.
    Good news is that Padel is getting to LA by this fall.
    Are you in Ny and know or want to play padel? Let us know.
    Sooner or later we will be able to play in the main cities

  • Would someone be interested in playing padel in a platform tennis court? The dimensions are almost the same, and it also has the glass walls. These courts don’t have the metal fencing on the sides though

  • Hey Fabrice, have you been able to build some courts in NY? If not, then do you know if there are any Padel courts in NYC? I just moved to the city and I’m eager to play.

  • My soon and I came to usa a year ago and we miss paddel a lot, we can plan a tournament for a weekend, any way I would like to know who made this court for you, mi name is Juan and we live in binghanton ny.

  • Dear mister Grinda,

    Being padeladdicts and visiting family in New York at the end of August we did some research to find out if there is an opportunity to play Padel in New York!! During this research we found out that there is only one place to play!!
    We would like to ask you if there is an opportunity to visit and play a nice game of Padel! Just a little extra information about ourselfs. Me (Marcella): Im an official licensed Padel instructor and im a member of the Dutch National Padel Team.
    René: Also an official licensed Padel instructor and playing for the Dutch veterans Team!
    We will be there between 24th and 28th of August and staying with family only 1 hour away from you!

    We sincerely hope to hear from you!

    Best regards,

    Marcella Koek and René de Gruiter

  • I am a tennis pro (4] years) & play tennis, Platform, squash. I am absolutely blown away by the prospect of playing Padel. Please contact me if it is possible to play on your court.
    Bob Kessler. Cell. 516 236-5302

  • Hello Mr Grinda , I am a retired South African Professional Rugby Player who lives in Cannes and who has been addicted to Padel Tennis over the last year and a bit !! I had the privilege to play in the Monte Carlo Padel Masters Celebrity Pro Am both 2015 & 2016. So basically I live and breath for the sport ;0) I am going to be in NY and would really love to schedule a game if that is possible please ? Looking forward to hearing from you . Thank you and all the best

  • HI, I am going to be visiting for three weeks and a friend and I are interested to play a couple of days. My emails is [email protected]. Let me know if you are interested to meet to play and which is your schedule. Thank you.

  • Hello Fabrice. I wrote to you on your email I think we can find a way to bring Padel to New York!

  • I lived in Spain for 9 years and am desperate to start playing padel again! My wife and I just moved to the UWS and would love to find somewhere and people to paly against.

  • Sadly I no longer have this house. I am looking for a place to build a padel court in the city. Open to help and suggestions!