Ironman 2 is very entertaining

June 5, 2010     ·      1 min read     · 

The movie is not quite as good as the original but still very good. Robert Downey Junior is as good as ever. Mickey Rourke is fantastic as the bad guy and has significance presence despite his few words. The story is interesting and a lot of the speeches and dialogue reach the level of the first movie. I was laughing out loud at the beginning when Robert Downey Junior does not say how fantastic he is 🙂 The tone has remained appropriately light and campy and I very much enjoyed the story.

What bogs the movie down relative to the original is the introduction of too many new characters which are barely developed. They are trying to set the stage for an Avengers movie and Captain America, but the introductions were distracting. Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson should have had bigger roles to play or should not have been there (more likely the latter).

If you are somewhat self loving, as I can be at times, the movie is fantastic therapy. Watching Tony Stark’s narcissism will make you feel like a well adjusted self loving individual 🙂

Go watch the movie.

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