It is my true pleasure to announce that I received my green card! It’s only a temporary 2 year one, but it’s a start!

  • Just out of curiousity: what have you been living under so far and how long, and what is the deal with your current card?
    Can’t quite get my head around the US Green Card system, which is the main reason that I have not tried to get over there in the first place..

  • Just curious as to why you wanted one – doesn’t that mean you are now liable for tax on worldwide income?

  • I first came to the US on a student visa which gives you a 1 year work permit. Then for all those years I have been on an H1B visa.

    As for paying taxes on my global income, I already did – I have been a US tax resident for many years on my H1B so nothing really changes. Besides France also taxes your global income and French taxes are much higher than American taxes so I am saving tons of money every year when I am sending my check to the IRS 🙂

  • With regards to global income taxation, I have to say the UK is really great as a foreigner: they only tax me on my UK source income, and as long as my “home country” doesn’t tax me worldwide, I can have non-UK investments tax-free. If nothing else, good for retirement savings and investments. 🙂

  • I guess that I am lucky being a New Zealander as we don’t get taxed on global income and, because I live outside the country for more than 180 days per year, I am considered a non-resident and so don’t need to pay tax there anyway. 🙂

    Unless you really want to live & work in the U.S. a green card seems more like a liability than an asset to me (regarding tax).

    BTW, is a green card a step towards getting U.S. citizenship?

  • I agree with all your points except I happen to live and work in the US and actually love it here…

    After you have a green card for 5 years you can apply for citizenship.

  • I cannot believe how hard it is for someone like you to get US citizenship. Congrats on the green card!

  • well – now you don’t need to marry a US citizen for the sake of the green card – what a relief 🙂 I was very lucky when I applied as I completed the process in less than 18 months….
    way to go…you are 5 years from the citizenship if you are ever interested by it 🙂

  • Congratulations

    An alternative method is to allow yourself to become adopted. My twin boys were adopted from Pechorey, Pskov Region, Russia and automatically became US Citizens

  • I like talking with anyone and everyone. Thus I feel I am out of place in the USA as many times I get looks that suggest “why is he talking to me???” I find people from just about any other country outside of the USA to be much more receptive to this. Thus I welcome you to America. Regarding the previous adoption note: I’ll adopt you as long as I get to work at OLX for stock.