Kite boarding and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are often risk taking, adventurous individuals. Not surprisingly many of them try things like kite boarding, ice climbing, car racing, flying planes and heli-skiing.

According to Sean Tierney, a young entrepreneur and founder of Jumpbox, it’s not just that entrepreneurs are attracted to those sports, but entrepreneurs have a lot to learn from a sport like kite boarding. You can read his fun analysis at:

  • R to the double AA D.
    It’s an honor to be mentioned on your blog Fabrice- you have hands-down the best interview to date on Venture Voice. I look forward to meeting someday on the slopes or the water or the air 😉


  • This is interesting. Brain surgeons also tend to have those extreme sport interests. Dr. Spetzler, considered one of the best neurosurgeons in the world is a very avid Heli-skiing practitioner. My friend, Roger Hartl, a top neurosurgeon at NY Presb. also does heli-skiing and glacier climbing.

  • It should really be further investigated by an expert team of sociologists and psychologists, how come surgeons and succesful entepreneurs are more found of heliskiing, tropical sea diving or Patagonia ice-fall climbing, than, say, nurses and office workers ??
    No matter how amazing it may seem, there HAS to be some rational explaination to this strange phenomenon.
    Any hint someone ?