Kiting in Half Moon Bay is spectacular!

I have been in awe of the color of the water in Turks ever since I set eyes on it. And no place in Turks is more beautiful than the jaw dropping ridiculous beauty of Half Moon Bay. I had the pleasure of kiting there last Sunday morning, and it was majestic!

I am not sure why I love kiting so much, but there something about needing to focus to deal with two fundamental elements: air and water, that creates a meditative Zen-like state. Beyond kiting’s innate ability to create flow states, I love the sensation of gliding on the water and soaring through the air. I find it reminiscent of the sensations of skiing in powder, another of my favorite sports.

I felt compelled and inspired to make a video tribute to Sunday morning’s epic session.

  • Yes, amazing spot and awesome jumps! You might also consider the area around Cayo Guillermo in Cuba. Endless kilometers of shallow water, beautiful beaches and mangroves. Kiting paradise.

  • Beautiful. I want to check it out. I have a few more miles to explore the Brazilian coastline but I’ll get there.