Learn to speak another language: it’s good for you!

The BBC recently reported that people fluent in two languages rather than one were both sharper mentally and did not experience mental decline associated with age.

If you needed another excuse to study Mandarin or Spanish, you have it now!

You can read the full article at:

  • Either you’re not counting people who’s second language is English or English plus your mother tongue doesn’t cut it anymore.

    English: not accepted as a second language — try harder.

    (To which I would almost agree.)

  • My suggestion is to combine this with another pleasure. If you date a person from the country of interest you will be surprised how much it will motivate the language centers of the brain. I can tell you that from the point of view of a math guy who found the language wiring in his brain networking only after exiting adolescence. It REALLY turbo charges the process. ( Especially if she’s really cute! )