Mission Impossible III is tons of fun

It’s fast paced and tense. Philip Seymor Hoffman makes a surprisingly effective villain and, whatever you may think of him, Tom Cruise is the perfect actor for the part. The movie is a bit predictable and the second half and a little more conventional and slow paced than the first half, but overall the movie is great fun – the best in the series so far by far!

  • fabrice,

    Have to disagree with you on this one…my feelings are that it left me wanting more…….rabbits foot….antigod…..tom cruise walking out to his honey moon at the end with this wife in hand……come on……I wish it just engaged me a little more intellectually….

  • We can agree to disagree, when it comes to movies there is no universal taste and ultimate arbiter of right and wrong. For movie and book reviews, I just present an opinion not a fact supported analysis for my position 🙂