Dogs rule!

I suppose everything I am about to say will sound cliché as most dog owners say the same thing, but there is something magical about having my two dogs look at me with their wagging tail and happy look on their face every time they see me, whether I have been away for 5 minutes or 1 month. The companionship, unconditional love and playfulness are awesome.

Bagheera, my female Rottweiler, is the cutest, nicest and smartest dog I know; while Harvard, my yellow lab, is just a crazed happy ball of energy that would do Marley proud (from the book Marley and Me) 🙂

Harvard, Bagheera: I love you and miss you!

  • They are the best pups! I am very proud of that pic! Baghhera is like a Michael Jordan of Rotties in that photo. It actually looks like she just jumped from the roof. lol 🙂