My blog is now multilingual!

It’s been a while since I posted. I have been working on several new features. First and foremost, the blog is now multilingual. I used WPML to translate my top posts in the most spoken 25 languages.

Given that I am French, many of my readers are native French speakers. Many do not have the best English so I figured I would try to accommodate them. Given that the marginal difficulty of adding other languages was low and that I have many readers from India, Pakistan, Brazil, and other countries, I figured I might as well go for it.

This is a test. So far, I only translated the posts on the home page, all the posts on the Featured page, the About Me page and all the links referenced there. I did not like how it translated the navigation bar, so I kept it in English.

I proofread several of the posts in French and Spanish and the results are pretty good. The quality is lower when translating the transcriptions of speeches and interviews, because the transcriptions are not perfect either. That said the meaning comes across reasonably well and I am hoping that the quality will improve as AI transcribes better.

Obviously, I have not tested the other languages so let me know what you think and if I should post new articles in your native language in the comments below. Likewise let me know if there are posts that I have not translated yet that you would like to see in your native language.

I also added the ability for you to be notified by email of replies to the comments you post if of interest which you are welcome to test. I have been working for a very long time on an AI representation of me. I ingested all my blog content and transcriptions of speeches and interviews. Sadly, after more hours than I can count working on it, I am far from satisfied with the results. We shall see if the next few iterations lead to better results in which case you might meet “Fabrice AI” in the future, hopefully with an audio and visual representation.

  • Agreed with Jean-Baptiste regarding the notification of the replies. Seems that also the like button is new except if I missed it before 🙂
    Anyway as a native french speaker happy to read that a french version of your posts will be available. Am sure that many people would enjoy the quality of your posts and especially some advices. I learnt a lot myself. Thanks Fabrice!

    • Nabil:

      J’ai deja traduit les meilleurs posts du site en Francais. Tu peux utiliser le selecteur en haut a droite pour choisir le francais et tester. Je ne garantie pas que la traduction soit parfaite, mais ca doit etre comprehensible.

      Effectivement j’ai ajoute le like sur les posts et les commentaires ainsi que le share. J’ai aussi change le systeme de commentaire et passer le site de 100% a 1,000 pixels. Ca me garde proche du produit et c’est fun.

      Par le passe le blog n’avait pas d’images non plus, donc j’ai trouve des images pour 100% des posts ce qui a pris assez longtemps.