New MacBook Pro disappointment

I have had a 17” MacBook Pro for nearly 2 years and it’s starting to show its age. Its Nvidia 8600M graphic card is not keeping up with new games. Outlook takes forever to load (I have 20Gb of PST files). The casing is all bruised up after 2 years of traveling with me every day and being dropped more than a few times.

Unfortunately, the MacBook Pro refresh announced on Tuesday was a huge disappointment:

  • Apple did not update the 17” version!
  • The 15” Macbook Pro has an Nvidia 9600M, I was hoping for a 9800M
  • The 128Gb SSD does not seem faster or to increase battery life relative to the hard drive options

Unfortunately there are no other 17” on the market that weigh 6.5 pounds so I am stuck with my notebook for a while.

I hope they update it for MacWorld in January!