New York is the place to be :)

I live in New York even though I work on the Internet. That decision has always been for personal reasons. To maximize business opportunities, I should arguably be in San Francisco.

However, it seems that New York is going through an Internet revival with the ever growing number of events: Tech Meetup, Lunch 2.0, The Founders Roundtable, etc. and the emergence of Silicon Alley Insider (

Silicon Alley Insider was created by Kevin Ryan and Dwight Merriman of DoubleClick fame. It covers the New York digital business community and is becoming increasingly influential. Its Silicon Alley 100 report on the 100 most influential people in the digital community in New York has been generating a lot of buzz (

  • Bloomberg….absolute when it comes to himself. When it comes to others he seems pretty socialist. If you define socialist as ultra-self-centric-capitalism well then yes. The wallstreet guys…I have legitimate doubts. James J. Cramer oft quotes his lib ( aka socialist ) leanings. ( not that I don’t like the guy…I do. ) So well yes …I do know what I’m talking about. On the numbers NYC is pretty lefty even if you factored in JJC as a right winger. Are you ignoring the obvious would be my question back to you. You like living there. It is a mega financial center. This I will stipulate. bota-bing bota-boom.

  • Liberal does not mean socialist. Most of my friends, like me, are socially liberal – pro choice, in favor of gay marriage, in favor of immigration, in favor of stem cell research, for the separation of state and church, etc. – yet that does not make us socialists. Far from it as most of us are ardent free traders and believers in the market.

  • “Nobody hated me in Kansas City. Even in Sacramento, which is a liberal town, nobody hated me. That didn’t happen until I got to Manhattan.” ….Rush Limbaugh III.

    While many might discount the above quote because of it involving R.L. the reality is Manhattan does seem to have its share of haters.