OLX Invests in Edeng, One of China's Leading Free Online Classifieds Site

In a recent post, I explained how one of the ways that OLX has grown was to partner with other sites to run their classifieds channel (http://www.fabricegrinda.com/?p=256). The other way has been through acquisitions.

We acquired Mundoanuncio in October 2006 to establish ourselves in the Hispanic market. We just invested in Edeng establish ourselves in China.

It’s still too early to tell whether OLX will be a success, but both strategies are seemingly working well.

  • We also launched a global classified ads website recently: . I have visited OLX, Craigslist, Kijiji and some other big players and I just wonder why do you block traffic to OLX.com from outside US (at least from my country in Eastern Europe). Is this a good strategy?
    Maybe because all of the spammers and scammers who use free classified sites?