OLX just launched its first TV ads!

To see if we could significantly move the needle in terms of traffic and brand awareness, we just launched our first TV campaign for OLX in Russia. We hope the effort will prove to be a stepping stone for OLX in our bid for global free classifieds market domination 🙂

I hope the Russian speakers among you enjoy the TV ad. Let us know what you think!

  • Hi Fabrice,

    I am curious to know the results of this campaign on Russian television. You already have information about the results?

    By the way, congrats about Naspers investment in OLX.

    Miguel Corais

  • Hey Fabrice, greetings from one of the Russian readers of your blog. Must say that I really like this ad, I think it will stand out and catch enough attention and interest. I hope in two months you’ll share the results with us (readers).