I just came across a book written about a 45 year old Frenchman. He owns a large studio with a beautiful view on a garden. He owns an Alfa Romeo and leads a simple and pleasant life. His job: unemployed professional. He has been receiving unemployment benefits for 22 years. He’s happy. He loves France. The book includes hilarious letters he wrote to scare away any potential employers recommended to him by the unemployment agency.

Vive la France! 🙂

You can buy the book at:

  • I beg to differ with the “only in France” bit.. In my native Sweden things are pretty much the same. Until recently unemployed people got 80% of their previous salary in perpetuity. Given the savings in costs of not working (no commute, no lunch etc), a lot of people where better of on unemployment benefits than working.

    And in the northern parts, where living costs are extremely low (you can pretty much by a “castle” for $40 000), a lot of people take the time to hunt and enjoy the outdoors..

  • errr……well but doesn’t this mean this Odd-Todd is now an author and has screwed up with the whole premise winking out in a puff of smoke?